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Design at UCSD

Growing a student-led design community
PERSONAL | 2014-2018

Growing the design community at UC San Diego

Design at UCSD is the largest design oriented organization at UC San Diego. Being primarily a research institution, we help fill the gaps in our design education by collaborating with faculty, industry and alumni to host industry-oriented events and skills-based workshops.

I spent a bulk of my undergraduate years defining key initiatives to help peers prepare for industry after graduation. Most recently, that took the shape of Design Camp, a series focused on building skills outside of the classroom.

Using Figma to teach a UI Design workshop

Design Camp

This past quarter, I spearheaded an initiative that introduces new students to the basics of visual design, design tools, career paths, and portfolios. We collaborated with designers from Intuit, ServiceNow, and Aira to bring in the industry perspective that students value. Check out the deck from our portfolio event.

Shoutout to Nancy and Emily


In an effort to promote awareness about what designers at UCSD are up to, we created our own medium publication. Students regularly contribute personal stories about their work and journeys into design. Every so often, we'll feature an interview with an alumnus to share their perspective on working as a designer in industry. Check it out.