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Improving the support experience for small business advertisers
Product desigN | INTERNSHIP | Summer 2018


This past summer, I was a product design intern on the Advertiser Support Products team. The team took a data-informed approach to build systems that enable support agents to effectively resolve advertiser issues.

My main project centered around building business trust for small-medium sized business advertisers by improving the advertiser facing support experience. I worked cross-functionally to design across Messenger and Facebook business products. Check out my Matchmaker and Workday projects to learn more about my design process.

My work centered around improving the business support hub

Lessons Learned

An interesting challenge at Facebook was understanding how to navigate a larger organization as a designer. Each team has its own goals and vision that they are trying to achieve within the greater ecosystem, so I came to view design as a role that facilitates collaboration between all these different teams. In practice, I learned about design visioning as a mean of getting alignment on a project and then understanding how to make trade offs to design something that's testable. I wrote a little more about my experience on the Design at UCSD medium.

Hanging out with the gang